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Help us to be known among the Catholics!

You can support our Catholic Mission in Botswana by helping us to be known among the Catholics.
Many of them travel each year to distant countries for holidays. It would be great if some of them came to Botswana using our services.
If you can, please, help us to advertise our project in many different ways: inform your friends about it, share our website address, put link to this website on your website, tell about it on blogs, use Catholic media, newsletters, magazines, radio, TV, internet, e-mail .....

You can sponsor an advertising campaign or use other creative ideas to inform Catholics and Non-Catholics about our project and it's purpose.

For our secular, "Catholic-sensitive" friends we provide a secular website:
or for birders.

Thank you to all our supporters!
God bless all of you.
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Bull elephants gather in the evening at Savute water-hole.

An incredible daily spectacle of the giants.

Botswana has the largest elephant population in the world, more than 200.000 - the last truly free and wild elephants.

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