Catholic Safaris is a self-reliance project supporting the missionary work of the Catholic Church in Botswana run by the Divine Word Missionaries.

It's main purpose is to provide financial support for missionary evangelisation work in the immense territory of Northern and Western Botswana.
C a t h o l i c    S a f a r i s
Today it is very difficult to find resources to run the mission activities. There is a dramatic decrease of financial support coming from the Western World. Not all local Churches have the possibilities to become self-reliant immediately, especially in the Primary Evangelisation areas. The Catholic population of the whole Botswana is only 5% but in the North it is less than 0.1%. The primary mission is not easy today because of the other options offered to people by modern development, technology, communication and tremendous pressure from hundreds of sects and other religions.
In particular it is very difficult today to get any funds for new infrastructure (churches, chapels, pastoral buildings) and maintenance of the existing facilities. On the other hand there is an urgent and great need for some of those facilities to continue the missionary work in an effective and updated way. We realized that there is a potential to utilize the local possibilities to support the mission of the Church in Botswana. In recent years the country has become the prime safari destination for thousands of people from around the world. Most of them book their trips outside Botswana, with western tour operators. The money stays outside the country and supports few individuals.
Why not to book with us in Botswana and at the same time, having lifetime safari, provide support for the Catholic Mission? Most of the companies sell their clients, receiving commissions, to the local operators anyway, or to their local representatives. Actually you will end up in the same places and with the same services most of the time, regardless the place of booking. So, please book through us helping in our missionary work.
Booking with us you can expect the professional advice on:
where, with whom, how and when to go on safari.

We can find and negotiate for you the best prices with the local safari operators. In some cases we can organize a safari trip ourselves, providing the best available options and guides.
About us & Why with us?
Richard Randall, a devoted Catholic himself, is considered by many the best guide in Botswana. He has tremendous knowledge of the African bush, life experience of guiding and sharing his love of nature with thousands of visitors from around the world, including the president of the USA.
Richard is the co-director and manager of the Catholic Safaris project.

He is also one of the best ornithologists in Africa and recorded hundreds of species of birds in Botswana, several of them for the first time. He is ready to organize specialized birding safaris.
He is a citizen of Botswana.
Home page
Information about us and reasons to go on Safari with us.
Richard at Chobe River with elephants in the background.
Fr. Mareko Marciniak, SVD
Working as a missionary in Botswana for the last 24 years, today citizen of Botswana.
Initiator and coordinator of the evolving missionary spiritual & pastoral centre "Lefoko Centre",
and the self-reliance missionary project "Catholic Safaris".
He has years of bush and desert experience.
Interested in nature, culture, history and archaeology of Southern Africa, especially Botswana.
He has master degree in missiology, and in his work he is especially interested in
primary evangelisation, RCIA, basic Christian formation and inculturation.
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