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Game reserves and National Parks
Private game reserves
There are several private game reserves and game farming ventures in Botswana.
We can make arrangements to visit them if you wish so.
Wildlife concessions
Some of the best wildlife areas in Botswana are in wildlife concessions, managed by private safari companies and communities. We can make arrangements for you to visit them. Some of them are the most expensive or special destinations like elephant back safaris.
Some concessions are also specialising in hunting safaris.
Community based areas and projects
Several extraordinary places in Botswana are managed by local communities of the respective area. Perhaps the most known is the Kubu Island in the Makgadikgadi Pans. All of those places can be visited and arrangements made with through us.
Kalahari Desert & Makgadikgadi Salt Pans
In fact most of Botswana territory lays in the Kalahari Desert or semi-desert. It is a fascinating land of vastness, immense space, silence and wilderness. Some of the places are very evocative and tune many to become spiritual. Kalahari is a wonderful place for retreats, recollections, sabbaticals and rest. It cannot be described, it must be experienced. Tell us, if you are interested in this kind of experience in the desert and we will try to organise it for you.
Cultural heritage & historic Sites
Some of the site are absolutely unique, like famous Tshodilo Hills with more than 3.000 Bushmen rock art. There are possibilities to visit local people in the villages, who are ready to share with you some time and culture. Several Bushmen settlements can be visited as well.
Just let us know that you are interested and we will find all available options for you.
Bordering countries
Countries bordering Botswana have also a lot to offer and often it makes sense to combined some of the destinations. Botswana's neighbors are: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia.
The most common combination with Botswana is the visit to the world famous Victoria Falls - one of the most beautiful nature spectacles on the planet. We will make all necessary arrangements if you opt for it.
The best is to combine visit to Chobe National Park in Botswana and from there visit the "Big Falls".
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