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Important Note:
The most economic way to go on safari is to go in a small group of at least 4 participants, best number is 6 people.
Minimum 4 people required in a booking group!
Group of 1-3 only must pay a single supplement equivalent to 4 people.
So, single person or 2-3 people can book an exclusive private safari but it will be more expensive. It you can afford it you are welcome to book with us even single individual safari.
All has to do with the cost of transport and service that has to be provided irrespective of the size of the party. All safari companies charge higher, often double price for parties smaller than 4.
How long would you like to travel on your tour in Botswana?
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Because of the present business & economic circumstances we need to work together with various mobile safari operators based in Botswana and South Africa. We also network with several travel agencies in South Africa or Botswana. This cooperation allows us to put together the best possible itineraries for our clients and secure the necessary bookings. So, please do not be surprise to receive an answer to your enquiry from a different operator cooperating with us.
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Cultural trip
I would like to visit the San (Bushmen)
I would like to meet the local people
Professional photography or filming
Horseback safari
Elephant back safari
Scientific & research
Sabbatical trip - limited number
Desert experience - limited number
Safari as religious, spiritual experience - limited number
Get to know the missionary work of the Catholic Church in Botswana
I would like to participate in the Sunday Eucharist