4 - development of the Missionary Spiritual & Pastoral Centre - "Lefoko Centre":
411 - chapel (Incarnate Word Chapel)
412 - managerial house
413 - office, workshop, recourses and media studio house
414 - conference room and library house
415 - kitchen and dining facilities
416 - staff house for men
417 - staff house for women - sisters
418 - visitors accommodation - self-contained - 36 people
419 - visitors accommodation - shared facilities - 64 people
520 - sport and recreational facilities for youth and children
521 - garden and farming
522 - water drilling
523 - electricity connection
524 - beds and bedding for the centre
525 - furniture: chairs, tables ...
526 - kitchen and dining equipment
527 - office equipment
528 - roads, paths, landscaping, fencing, working tools
Home page
Information about us and reasons to go on Safari with us.
Not all of you, Dear Visitors, are able to travel to distant destinations, some of you may not be interested to go on a safari tour, but perhaps you would like to support financially, or in any other way, our missionary work in Botswana.
If yes, we invite you to become our benefactor. Please, e-mail us for further information: mareko.svd@info.bw
There are many projects that need financial support:
1 - this website needs maintenance
2 - we need to continue advertising in the Catholic or other media
3 - we need to purchase equipment for Safari Project - if we have our own equipment the profit margin for
the missionary work will be much larger.

Presently we use other people's companies and equipment.

Equipment needed:
301- 4x4 vehicle(s)
302 - quality tents and sleeping gear
303 - kitchen and cutlery equipment
304 - portable refrigerators
305 - emergency satellite phones
306 - office furniture and filing facilities
307 - stationery and Internet access
308 - portable toilets
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If you are interested to sponsor any of the above mentioned projects, please contact us: mareko.svd@info.bw
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Project Temporarily Suspended because of lack of missionaries in the diocese.